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Yellowblox Broker Portal

If you are a broker looking to enhance your profile and provide additional value added services to your clients without huge start-up costs then the Yellowblox Broker Portal maybe the solution for you.

Own Login Page

  • Yellowblox can provide users with a unique login allowing for a complete change to the end-user experience. By utilising this option, it is possible for companies to present the Yellowblox system as their own, with other users simply placing a small icon on their desktop and using this to login as required. This allows customers to highlight their own credentials as major players in the market.
  • The login username and password “boxes” can be placed on any corporate website to create a complete experience for clients

Login on Your Website

  • Yellowblox can allow customers to place the login portal for the Yellowblox system on a page within their own corporate website (or another one of their choosing). This can also provide for a complete “branded” experience for the end-users who would enter the system via your own website and gives customers the complete “company x” experience whilst utilising the advanced, tried-and-tested services that Yellowblox has to offer.
  • With the system run, maintained and supported by Yellowblox the solution allows brokers to focus on what they do best whilst allowing their clients (on both sides) to have the full benefit of all the Yellowblox services whilst presenting it as the broker’s solution. Clients get access to a fast, reliable, workflow based claims and policy management system with the capabilities of document creation, report generation and bordereau production at their fingertips directly through the broker’s website.

Own Banner on Yellowblox

  • Yellowblox allows customers to remove all Yellowblox branding from the site and place their own banner at the top of the page, delivering another customised end-user experience. This is powerful marketing at a fraction of the normal cost.

Full Yellowblox Capabilities

  • Enable cedants to upload data files directly into the database
  • Enable insurers to access information
  • Create bordereau
  • Add value to your clients by providing focused workflow solutions
  • Provide policy and claim management with document creation to your customers


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